Chanel Surf and Ski Accessories

Chanel Ski, Snowboard, off-piste snow skiing accessories

Beach or snow? Whether you’re heading to the northern or southern hemisphere for the holidays, Chanel shows you the stylish way to go for both off-piste or on the wave action. 1. Laminated wood Snowboard covered in cherrywood; 2. White ski and snow mask; 3. Carbon Snowboard with inlaid genuine 4-leave clover (each board is unique); 4. Silver ski and snow mask; 5. Polar Blue wooden layered parabolic skis.
Chanel surfboard, inflatable raft - Beach Couture

1. Monochrome carbon fiber surfboard; 2.Inflatable raft, holds up to three people; 3. Bi-color polyurethane surfboard with three fins.

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