Uniqlo HEATTECH Heat Generating Clothing

Unqilo HEATTECH review leggings, t-shirt, gloves, scarf, shorts, socks, neck warmer, leg and arm warmers - heat generating clothing for women

Uniqlo HEATTECH heat generating clothing is a less bulky alternative to woolen long johns or thermal underwear. HEATTECH is a lightweight high-tech fabric that “actually creates heat to warm you up and keep you warm”.

The fabric absorbs body moisture while tiny droplets generate heat. Specially designed hollow fibers keep air in to prevent warmth from escaping your body.  Contained in the fibers are natural amino acids derived from milk protein which makes the material soft and smooth to the touch. The fabric is also anti-static, stretchable, maintains shape after repeated washing and treated with a special antibacterial agent helps to minimize odors.

Unqilo HEATTECH clothing - heat generating clothing for men - stylish alternative winter long john or thermal underwear

The TV ad suggests the warmth these HEAT TECH products provide is quite good, e.g 3 deg C/37.5 deg F in a slushy street in New York wearing a crew neck t-shirt and a light jacket and a minus 1 degree Celsius/30 F in snowing London wearing only a long sleeve scoop neck t-shirt and a blazer (sleeves folded up for extra impact) but your cold tolerance may vary.

In any case you might want to consider clothing from the line as a lightweight, stylish layering option for winter.

The Uniqlo HEATTECH line includes leggings, stirrup leggings, turtle neck t-shirts,  scoop neck t-shirts,  camisoles, leg warmers, neck warmers, scarves and gloves for women and short and long sleeve crew/v-neck t-shirts, half-tights, full-length tights, ribbed socks and ankle socks for men .

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